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US Biostimulants Summit 2019

15.04.2019 - 670 просмотров

US Biostimulants Summit 2019



Confirmed Speakers:

Michael Warren, CEO, Earth Alive Clean Technologies

Peter Baas, Director of R&D, Growcentia

John Bailey, National Product Manager, Timac Agro USA

Amit Vasavada, Vice President R&D, Marrone Bio Innovations

Mylavarapu Venkatramesh, Chief Technology Officer, Agrinos, Inc.

Kuide Qin, Chief Science Officer, Verdesian Life Sciences

Ken Day, VP Agronomy, FBSciences

Peter Aleman, President & Founder, Bio-Gro Inc.

Ron Taylor, VP Global Marketing, Acadian Plant Health

Rob Jarek, Technical Research Agronomy Manager, Stoller USA

Terry Tindall, Director of Agronomy, J.R. Simplot Company

Maud Hinchee, Chief Science Officer, Agricen

Bruce Caldwell, CEO, 3Bar Biologics, Inc.

Anna Konieczny, Market Development Manager, Intermag

David Beaudreau, Executive Director,  Biostimulant Coalition

Ed Thomas, Director of Regulatory Affairs, The Fertilizer Institute

James White, Professor of Plant Pathology, Rutgers University

Dr Jessy Labbe, Staff Researcher, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Bonnie Ownley, Professor, Research Plant Pathologist, The University of Tennessee

Carlos Lazcano, Director of R&D, J&D Produce

Vatren Jurin, Senior Business Development Analyst, Sales Plant Nutrition, Compass Minerals

Zhongmin Wei, Chief Scientific Officer and VP, Plant Health Care, Inc.

Dr Antonino Nicosia, Export Manager, Biolchim S.p.A.

Glen Crowe, Director of Sales, Pathway Biologic, LLC


Confirmed Topics for Discussion:


Overcoming Challenges Surrounding Regulating and Defining Biostimulants

Measuring Efficacy & Impact on Yield

Sustainability and Land Use Efficiency: Additional Benefits to the Grower and the Planet

Navigating a Crowded Marketplace

Enhancing Public Perceptions of Biostimulants

Identifying Mode of Action

Biostimulant Synergy with Traditional Agrochemicals

Developing Alternative Biostimulants

Guide to Practical Use of Biostimulants

Opportunities for the Future of Biostimulants


Current Attendees Include:


3Bar Biologics, Inc., A&L Canada Laboratories Inc., Acadian Plant Health,Afrikelp (Pty) Ltd., Agricen, Agrinos, Inc., AgXplore International, Alltech Crop Science, Bavarian State Research Center Of Agriculture, Bio-Cat, Bio-Gro Inc., BIOLCHIM S.p.A, Biostimulant Coalition, Brandt Consolidated, Compass Minerals, Cosmocel, Earth Alive Clean Technologies, Evonik Corporation, FBSciences, Greenlife Crop Protection Africa, Growcentia, Horizon AG, Intermag Poland, J&D Produce, J.R. Simplot Company, Kan Biosys Pvt Ltd, Marrone Bio Innovations, Nachurs Alpine Solutions, NewLeaf Symbiotics, Nu-Edge Solution Australia, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Pathway Biologic, LLC, Performance Nutrition, Rutgers University, Soil Basics Corporation,Stoller USA, Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc., The Fertilizer Institute, Timac Agro USA, University of Tennessee, Verdesian Life Sciences, West Central Distribution, Lebanon Seaboard Corporation, Cool Planet, Context Network, BioLiNE Corporation, Kynetec, EcoWorld R&D Labs, Ocean Organics, Chemical Dynamics, Inc., Land View Inc., Native Earth, Agroliquid, Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, FMC Corporation, Kalo Inc., Vive Crop Protection, Inc., Earthgreen Products, Plant Health Care Inc., Ag Idea, Haifa North America, Actagro LLC



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