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1-я Международная конференция по целлюлозным волокнам

20.01.2020 - 581 просмотр

1-я Международная конференция по целлюлозным волокнам

11-12 февраля 2020 года, Maternushaus, Кельн, Германия


Уже зарегистрировано более 120 участников из 19 стран, ожидается 200-300




Свыше 30 экспертов представят доклады и обсудят их с участниками на различных панелях. 14 из них заранее прислали нам свои волнующие сообщения. Некоторые ценные цитаты по целлюлозным волокнам




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Стоимость одного стенда (6 м2) составляет 700 евро (без НДС). 19% НДС). Мы предоставляем Вам стол, скатерти, булавочную доску, стул и подключение к электросети. Вы можете использовать свою собственную систему стендов. 
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Организатор: nova-Institute

Aditya Birla Science & Technology (IN)

Esha Sharma „Bridging the gap in understanding interfacial interactions of additives with viscose solution and opening doors to develop innovative functional viscose fibres.”
Cotton Incorporated (US) Mary Ankeny “This study evaluates the feasibility of converting post-consumer cotton textile waste into a viable source of nano-cellulose.”
Fraunhofer-Institut für angewandte Polymerforschung IAP (DE) André Lehmann „Utilizing potential of man-made cellulosic fibers for technical applications.”
LEVACO Chemicals (DE) Ralf Nyhofen „Latest development in Levaco’s portfolio for Cellulosic fibres, particularly in new Nonowen Finishes, food contact approved Modifiers and micro-encapsulated substances to bring more value to cellulosic fibres.“
Papiertechnische Stiftung (DE) Stefan Möckel „We have to accept the chemical structure of natural feedstocks, which has developed over millions of years and not to hold on to fossil based products we know since one century.“
Kelheim Fibres  (DE) Roland Scholz “Made from renewable cellulose, fully biodegradable and produced under strict German environmental standards, Kelheim’s Speciality Viscose Fibres Viloft® and Danufil® QR provide new opportunities in hygiene applications.”
KNN Cellulose (NL) Erik Pijlman „Recell®, a circular and sustainable solution based on cellulose: good economics, no carbon emissions.“
Lenzing (AT) Christian Schuster “Wood-based (regenerated) cellulose fibers can have a very favorable environmental footprint, provided that they are sourced from sustainable forestry, and state-of-the-art production processes are applied; moreover, they are biodegradable in all suitable environments and as such provide opportunities for applications in textiles and nonwovens, but also in packaging and other fields.”
Metsä Fibre (FI) Anna Suurnäkki „In the presentation “From wood-based cellulose to textile fibres with a novel approach” a short overview of the Metsä Group’s work for development of the novel manufacturing process for staple fibre production is given.“
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (SE) Karl Hakansson „Spinning Nanocellulose Fibres - new starting material, new process and new properties.“
Sateri (CN) Jacky Sun Jian „There are opportunities at every segment of the value chain to materialize sustainable viscose production. Collaboration is required from upstream to downstream.“
Södra Skogsägarna Ekonomisk förening (SE) Helena Claesson „It’s time to wake up!“
Textile Exchange (DE) Simone Seisl „Textile Exchange is ascertaining a priority of the fashion and textile sector to ensure manmade cellulosic fibers are sourced sustainably and responsibly. But challenges are still to be overcome in the forests, the mills for pulp and fibers, in transparency and circularity.”
Thüringisches Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung  (DE) Frank Meister „Lyohemp®, what indicates apparel fabrics made of innovative hemp dissolving pulp offering ease of wear and superior moisture management.“
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