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30.05.2018 - 1264 просмотра


OCTOBER 29-30, 2018




 Вниманию коноплеводов!


CANNATECH showcase leading thinkers and influencers from the across the globe and present the most relevant conversations industry wide. We feature dynamic presentations that focus on science, research, finance, medicine, tech, agriculture, innovation and government policy. We craft an unparalleled event atmosphere with your comfort and overall experience in mind.



Discover evidence based information presented by the leading minds in cannabis.

Connect with cannabis professionals and a high level, global cannabis network.

Accelerate your entry into one of the most exciting and fastest growing markets in the world.



“The Humans of Medical Cannabis” – Patient Stories and Case Studies 

Groundbreaking and Innovative Clinical Trials

Emerging Science and Study about Addiction and Treatment

What’s New in Israeli Medical Science




Navigating the Global Cannabis Investment Landscape

The Opportunity in Ancillary Products

Investment Ideas for the Thinking Cannabis Investor

How to Stay Competitive in an Expanding Global Market

Global Trends in Business and Culture



Growing Plants for Medicine

New Solutions for Age Old Farming Challenges – New Trends

Cannabis Entrepreneurship

Next Steps in Cannabis Extraction Technology

What’s New in Delivery Methods

Data Driven Insights



What’s Working in the International Community

Next Steps for Australian Policy

Creating International Law and Standards

Lessons From Israel’s Five “Green” Books

CANNATECH IN SYDNEY is the place for you to share your personal info on what you're passionate about, what you do and why you'd like to present on the CannaTech stage!


Presentation opportunities are available for both Sydney (2018)  and Tel Aviv (2019):


*All submitted abstracts must be in English
*All abstracts will undergo review by the Program Committee & Scientific Advisory Board
*Submission of an abstract does NOT GUARANTEE an oral or poster presentation.

PLEASE NOTE: We recognize that the travel costs involved in speaking at our conference are not insignificant. Unfortunately, we do not offer honorariums or cover any travel expenses that may be incurred by speakers or other attendees.




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