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Research of Genetic Polymorphism Species Linum usitatissimum L. on a Basis a RAPD-Method

05.02.2018 - 906 просмотров
Автор: T. A. Rozhmina с соавт

Research of Genetic Polymorphism Species Linum usitatissimum L. on a Basis a RAPD-Method

T. A. Rozhmina, Y.-B. Fu, A. Diederichsen, K. W. Richards, M. Pavelek and M. Vrbova. 

Jurnal of Natural Fibres.  Volume 15, Issue 2 2018





The goal of this investigation was the interpretation of genetic polymorphism in flax using the random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD-PCR) technique in relation to genealogical information and eco geographic origin of the accessions. Protein markers have been successfully applied for identification of ecotypes of cultivated plants and for cultivar identification and registration. However, for intraspecific differentiation in flax effective protein markers have not been found. The DNA markers developed during the recent decades proved to be more efficient in detecting polymorphism in flax. The plant material were 287 accessions from the flax collection at the All-Russian Flax Research Institute (VNIIL) belonging to different botanical and eco-geographical groups based on the classification of the species Linumu sitatissimum L.


On the basis of a molecular estimation the gene pool offlax it can be assumed that the fiber flax from northern continental Russia is not exclusively of Indo-afghan origin as suggested by Sinskaja (1959), but also has genetic roots in flax from Kolchidian. Essential genetic similarity between cultivar of fiber flax from Russia and other the European countries is established. Results of a generality of an origin of fiber flax cultivar from Russia are confirmed also with the analysis of their genealogy. Essential genetic polymorphism of linseed flax is shown. The distinctness of linseed and fiber flax in their genetic constitution as revealed by the RAPD analysis is of strategic importance in preservation of the genetic diversity and for efficient use of the flax gene pool in breeding.



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